175 Vocabulary MCQs | 9th English Chapterwise


Q1. Choose the correct meaning of underlined word.1X175=175

1. In the fifth and sixth centuries, mankind stood on the verge of chaos.
(A) Betterment (B) Confusion (C) Solitude (D) Dilemma

2. The word meditation means:
(A) Sound Sleep (B) Dozing (C) Deep Thought (D) Slumber

3. The eloquence and memory found expression in the poetry.
(A) Weak (B) Strong (C) Healthy (D) Fluency

4. Dunes means:
(A) Sandy Hills (B) Remove (C) Declare (D) Destroy

5. I shall not abandon the true faith.
(A) Hate (B) Strong (C) Give up (D) Like

6. The Arabs possessed a remarkable memory.
(A) Dangerous (B) Boring (C) Impressive (D) Famous

7. Proclaim means.
(A) Request (B) Response (C) Declare (D) Forbid

8. The word eradicate means
(A) Demolish (B) Remove (C) Destroy (D) Rebuild

9. Verge means:
(A) Hard (B) Rare (C) Ease (D) Edge

10. Arabia is a land of unparalleled charm and beauty.
(A) Unmatched (B) Unexceptional (C) Unimpressive (D) Unimportant

11. Ashfaq Ahmad was a famous writer.
(A) Anxious (B) Fluent (C) Well known (D) Decent

12. The word pagan means:
(A) Honesty (B) Hard (C) Clear (D) Disbeliever

13. I ……… give you to ride my bike if you like.
(A) Gave (B) Gives (C) Will give (D) Has given

14. Abu Jehl was knocking the door violently.
(A) Politely (B) Softly (C) Forcefully (D) Angrily

15. It is considered a commendable quality.
(A) Admirable (B) Poor (C) Rude (D) Guilty

16. Devotion means:
(A) Loyalty (B) Glamorous (C) Easy to know (D) Difficult to know

17. Inspired means:
(A) Motivated (B) Boring (C) Encourage (D) Unexciting

18. The word Patriot comes from the word Patriota.
(A) Citizen (B) Poor (C) Rich (D) Countryman

19. Supreme means:
(A) Fighter (B) Patriot (C) Sense (D) Top

20. All of them awarded Nishan-e-Haider. The underline word means:
(A) Cheated (B) Granted (C) Protected (D) Wanted

21. The word integrity means:
(A) Uprights (B) Thirsty (C) Treachery (D) Confuse

22. The word spirit means:
(A) Reality (B) Laziness (C) Humility (D) Enthusiasm

23. He wanted to protect the values:
(A) Defend (B) Ruin (C) Devastate (D) Develop

24. The students all ‘geared up’.
(A) Ready (B) Silent (C) Motivated (D) Keen

25. Media entertains us too.
(A) Take (B) Inform (C) Amuse (D) Tease

26. Media plays a very constructive role for society.
(A) Awareness (B) Opinion (C) Information (D) Function

27. T.V has become an integral part of our lives.
(A) Old (B) Constant (C) Necessary (D) Unnecessary

28. Can we say the world is just a click way?
(A) Very near (B) Far away (C) In the way (D) Out of the way

29. Awareness means:
(A) Goodness (B) Bad (C) Realization (D) Conscious

30. The word coverage means:
(A) Planning (B) Reporting (C) Expression (D) Demonstration

31. We participate in different games.
(A) Like (B) Take part (C) Watch (D) Choose

32. She takes the roll-call.
(A) Phone call (B) Beard roll (C) Turn (D) Attendance check

33. Impact means:
(A) Soft (B) Follow (C) Effect (D) Beat

34. Absolute means:
(A) Victim (B) Complete (C) Tall (D) Aware

35. She remained stead fast and did not reveal the secret.
(A) Patient (B) Firm and resolute (C) Ready (D) Afraid

36. Furiously means:
(A) Happy (B) Angrily (C) Regular (D) See

37. She simply posed a counter question that infuriated Abu Jehl.
(A) Pleased (B) Helped (C) Helpless (D) Enraged

38. It was so delicate situation
(A) Difficult (B) Easy (C) Sensitive (D) Wrong

39. At this, she instantly ran to a corner of the home.
(A) Hardly (B) Immediately (C) Swiftly (D) Slowly

40. It was a very Perilous journey.
(A) Helpful (B) Long (C) Dangerous (D) Late

41. Abu Jehl began knocking at the door violently.
(A) Politely (B) Slowly (C) Forcefully (D) Angrily

42. She died at the ripe old age of about hundred years.
(A) Mature (B) Nice (C) Tiny (D) Rich

43. The word vindicate means:
(A) Dedicate (B) Revengeful (C) Experiment (D) Text

44. Her grandfather, Hazrat Abu Quhafaa(R.A) was a disbeliever at that time.
(A) Muslim (B) Brave (C) One who does not believe in Islam (D) Ignorant

45. She prepared food for this journey.
(A) Travel (B) Picnic (C) Stay (D) Hunger

46. She always remained unswerving.
(A) Patient (B) Firm and resolute (C) Ready to face (D) Prepared for the worst

47. She would quietly go there.
(A) Quickly (B) Slowly (C) Silently (D) At once

48. Slight means:
(A) Little (B) Big (C) Fight (D) Source

49. She was quietly venture towards the rugged mountain.
(A) Play (B) Roam (C) Run (D) Go in Danger

50. Detect means:
(A) To find out (B) Search (C) Looking for (D) Look into

51. She prepared food for journey
(A) Got (B) Bought (C) Cooked (D) Sold

52. The word refuge means:
(A) Regular (B) Place of safety (C) Show (D) Heavy

53. Reveal means:
(A) Hide (B) Show (C) Happy (D) Regular

54. The floors are covered with carpets:
(A) Exposed (B) Hidden (C) Light (D) Closed

55.Resolute” means:
(A) Weak (B) Firm (C) Heavy (D) Minor

56. Astonish means:
(A) Make (B) Silent (C) Surprise (D) Mix

57. The word pensive means:
(A) Difficult (B) Easy (C) Beautiful (D) Thoughtful

58. The word “Bliss” means:
(A) Pleasure (B) Depression (C) Misery (D) Hell

59. “Glee” means.
(A) Happiness (B) Sadness (C) Sleeping (D) Working

60. Jocund means:
(A) Sad (B) Happy (C) Ugly (D) Gloomy

61. My little horse think it queer.
(A) Good (B) Strange (C) Dark (D) Cold

62. I wandered lonely as crowd.
(A) Played (B) Slept (C) Ran (D) Walked aimlessly

63. They flash upon that inward eye.
(A) Feel (B) Fall (C) Appear with sudden (D) Sit

64. A host of golden daffodils
(A) Post (B) In large number (C) Ghost (D) Cast

65. Fluttering and dancing with breeze.
(A) Dying (B) Rhyming (C) Flying (D) Enchanting

66. And twinkle on the milky way.
(A) Shine (B) Mine (C) Nostalgia (D) Home sickness

67. Quaid was a man of strong belief.
(A) Wavering belief (B) No belief (C) Firm belief (D) Weak belief

68. Keep up your morale.
(A) Wealth (B) Self-esteem (C) Voice (D) Journey

69. Todays the Quaid;s Pakistan is facing numerous challenges.
(A) Many (B) Empty (C) Very less (D) Very easy

70. Do not afraid of death.
(A) Liked (B) Smeared (C) Scared (D) Repaired

71. “We are a nation”, he affirmed.
(A) Told (B) Said emphatically (C) Broke in (D) Advised

72. He gave the Muslims a sense of identity.
(A) Pleasure (B) Recognition (C) Strength (D) Power

73. We should face it bravely to save the honour of Pakistan.
(A) Repair (B) Cope with (C) Correct (D) Rectify

74. Manifold means:
(A) To demonstrate (B) To shake slightly (C) To act amusingly (D) Different types

75. Self-esteem means:
(A) Horror (B) Honour (C) Hour (D) Shortage

76. Pivot means:
(A) End point (B) Centre point (C) Powerful point (D) Beginning point

77. The word “Emerging” means.
(A) Disappear (B) Forsake (C) Rising (D) Neglect

78. The Quaid was a man of Strong Faith and belief.
(A) Firm faith (B) Weak faith (C) Wavering faith (D) Common faith

79. The entire Journey of the great leader’s struggle was for Muslims of sub-continent.
(A) Short (B) Long (C) Pleasing (D) Complete

80. We are divided into bits and pieces on certain issues.
(A) Piece of cloth (B) Broken into pieces (C) Disunited (D)  United

81. History and tradition, aptitude and ambitions.
(A) Skillful (B) Natural Ability (C) Chilled (D) Cool

82. A Heavy iron chain hangs in the upper part of the court entrance.
(A) Light (B) Normal (C) Big (D) Thin

83. Istanbul, the Largest city of the Turkey.
(A) Smallest (B) Greatest (C) Populated (D) Cultivated

84. The Sultan Ahmad Mosque is an Impressive monument.
(A) Big (B) Striking (C) Beautiful (D) Vast

85. Appointed means:
(A) Selected (B) Rejected (C) Come (D) Heavy

86. The word Flamboyant means:
(A) Colourful (B) Humble (C) Soft (D) Natural

87. A Heavy iron chain hangs in the upper part of the court. The antonym of the underline word is.
(A) Big (B) Bold (C) Light (D) Long

88. The Upper level of the interior is adorned with blue paint. The antonym of the underline word is.
(A) Lower (B) Outer (C) Higher (D) Over

89. The floors are Covered with carpets.
(A) Exposed (B) Decorated (C) Light (D) Closed

90.Interior” of a room means:
(A) Outside (B) Inside (C) Boundary (D) Floor

91. Adorned means:
(A) Destroyed (B) Spoiled (C) Dirty (D) Decorated

92. The blue tiles Embellish its interior.
(A) Beautify (B) Brighten (C) Clear (D) Lighten

93. Blue Mosque is Unmatched in majesty
(A) Unfinished (B) Very Simple (C) New (D) Matchless

94. It was completed by his Successor.
(A) Coming after (B) Coming before (C) Successful (D) Son

95. Mehrab id made of Finely carved marble.
(A) Strongly (B) Roughly (C) Quickly (D) Delicately

96. Unfortunately means:
(A) Bad luck (B) Greatly (C) Holy (D) Clearly

97. It was constructed between 1609 to1619
(A) Built (B) Borrowed (C) Purchased (D) Lent

98. My little horse must think it queer. The underline word means:
(A) Good (B) Strange (C) Dark (D) Cold

99. The beauty of woods bewitches minds?
(A) Forest (B) Hill (C) Desert (D) Sea

100. He gives his harness bells a shake.
(A) Beautiful (B) Small (C) Golden (D) Bridle

101. Of easy wind and downy flake.
(A) Hard (B) Craft (C) Soft (D) Coarse

102. The phrase Frozen to the ground.
(A) Frightened (B) Calm and quite (C) Motionless (D) Restless

103. The little birds are piping yet.
(A) Yelling (B) Crying (C) Weeping (D) Twittering

104. Time has become that we should look back to rectify our mistakes.
(A) Repair (B) Break (C) Correct (D) Streamline

105. Which of the following means the same as ‘gradually’?
(A) Quickly (B) Speedily (C) Steadily (D) Hurriedly

106. I near the bed several questions popping in my mind
(A) Neglecting (B) Appearing (C) Disturbing (D) Deep

107. I want to recruit some honest persons.
(A) Employ (B) Terminate (C) Discharge (D) Suspend

108. Express your feelings at proper time.
(A) Hide (B) Articulate (C) Keep down (D) Stop

109. The travelers had to face a devastating hurricane.
(A) Annihilating (B) Strong (C) Terrible (D) Sudden

110. Apparently means:
(A) Obviously (B) It appears (C) clearly (D) Unclearly

111. It was the beginning of my profession as a nurse.
(A) Death (B) Goal (C) Completion (D) Start

112. She ‘made up her mind’ means:
(A) Rejected (B) Accepted (C) Decided (D) Thought

113. Hurt means:
(A) Disturb (B) Tease (C) Anxious (D) Injure

114. She walked on crutches which she would leave in a few months.
(A) Footpath (B) Road (C) Broken Legs (D) Walking Sticks

115. She gave me an ironic smile.
(A) Sad (B) Optimistic (C) Formal (D) Mocking

116. The word ‘gradually’ means:
(A) Quickly (B) Speedily (C) Steadily (D) Simply

117. She looked at me with utter surprise.
(A) Complete (B) Some (C) No (D) Half

118. Miserable means:
(A) Allow (B) Happen (C) Very unhappy (D) Rich

119. She could make some recovery.
(A) Food (B) Cover (C) Progress (D) Get back to health

120. Why don’t you go along ……… your brother?
(A) To (B) With (C) By (D) For

121. Drug addicts are aware of the danger of drugs.
(A) Ignorant (B) Unknown (C) Well known (D) Well-informed

122. Families consider it a taboo to talk about the problems of a drug abuser.
(A) Forbidden (B) Necessary (C) Hindrence (D) Threat

123. Rehabilitation of the drug victim is possible.
(A) Death (B) Injury (C) Recovery (D) Counselling

124. Aware of means:
(A) Conscious (B) Believe (C) Capable (D) Good at

125. Curative means:
(A) Intend to health (B) Intend to cure (C) Intend to recover (D) Intend to

126. Drug addiction is a common problem.
(A) General (B) Mutual (C) Decided (D) Famous

127. Genetic means:
(A) Relating to public (B) Relating to human being (C) Relating to creation (D) Relating to genes

128. Discontented means:
(A) Satisfied (B) Dissatisfied (C) Attached (D) Detached

129. Absolute means:
(A) Victim (B) Complete (C) Tall (D) Aware

130. We are trying to eliminate drug addiction.
(A) Increase (B) Decrease (C) Wipe out (D) Maintain

131. The drug addiction is a global issue. The underline word is a/an.
(A) Verb (B) Adjective (C) Noun (D) Article

132. Outcast means:
(A) Vagabond (B) Bond (C) Band (D) Virtuous

133. We are trying eliminate drug addiction.
(A) Increase (B) Decrease (C) Wipe out (D) Maintain

134. Influence means:
(A) Effect (B) Result (C) Answer (D) Devotion

135. There is a danger of relapse even after the recovery process
(A) Start (B) Fall part (C) Tab (D) Go to back

136. Hurt means:
(A) Disturb (B) Tease (C) Anxious (D) Injure

137. Time has come that we should look back to rectify our mistakes.
(A) Repair (B) Break (C) Correct (D) Streamline

138. Demonstrate means:
(A) Dictate (B) Show (C) Text (D) Experiment

139. The word filter means:
(A) Make (B) Mix (C) Separate (D) join

140. Bitter means:
(A) Pleasant (B) Wrong (C) Harsh (D) Beautiful

141. The wrong “supervise” means:
(A) Control (B) Make orders (C) Administer (D) Obey

142. The benefits are immense.
(A) Big (B) Enormous (C) Heavy (D) Light

143. We cannot buy these toys because of their expensively high prices.
(A) Somewhat (B) Overly (C) A little (D) Fearfully

144. People must develop more awareness about noise pollution.
(A) Rationalism (B) Knowledge (C) Realization (D) Reality

145. I feel immense pleasure to see others happy.
(A) A bit (B) Little (C) Less (D) Huge

146. Noises emiting vehicles:
(A) Giving (B) Taking (C) Reaction (D) Controlling

147. In order to escape from:
(A) Scot free (B) Hide (C) Mellow (D) Sharp

148. The word expedite means:
(A) Slow (B) Dull (C) Fast (D) Improve

149. The word disrupt means:
(A) Make easy (B) Smooth (C) Faciliate (D) Disturb

150. Various means:
(A) Huge (B) Different (C) Details (D) Supply

151. We need to acquire civic sense:
(A) Apply (B) Obtain (C) Give-up (D) Hate

152. Distract means:
(A) Disturbs (B) Detects (C) Detracks (D) Satisfied

153. It is a big source of discomfort.
(A) Dill (B) Pain (C) Time (D) Means

154. It not disturbs the general public that also affection construction workers by causing mental fatigue.
(A) Distracts (B) Facts (C) Acts (D) Disappear

155. It can cause depression insomnia.
(A) Sleeplessness (B) Tiredness (C) Fatigue (D) Plague

156. Quiver means:
(A) To demonstrate (B) To shake slightly (C) To  act amusingly (D) None of these

157. He has profound of knowledge of Islamic history.
(A) Deep (B) Shallow (C) Narrow (D) Little

158. “Anxious” means.
(A) Anger (B) Keen (C) Amuse (D) Ready

159. The little birds are piping yet. The underline word is an symbol of:
(A) Crying (B) Weeping (C) Yelling (D) Twittering

160. “Keen” means:
(A) Eager (B) Uninterested (C) Angry (D) Ready

161. Reveal means:
(A) Show (B) Hide (C) Write (D) Say

162. The word texture means:
(A) Structure (B) Appearance (C) Outlook (D) Cold

163. Astonish means:
(A) Make (B) Mix (C) Separate (D) Surprise

164. He would try to awaken their dormant faculties.
(A) Inactive (B) Active (C) Weak (D) Alive

165. The dawn was revelation of beauty:
(A) Disclosure (B) Secrecy (C) Promotion (D) Demotion

166. Certainly of impending death:
(A) Easy (B) Slow (C) Imminent (D) Crazy

167. The word Vigour means:
(A) Sturdiness (B) Ideness (C) Weakness (D) Laziness

168. Death brings mellow sweetness.
(A) Cute (B) Some (C) Bitter (D) Moderate

169. Manifold  means:
(A) Various (B) Few (C) Many (D) Diverse

170. Apparently means:
(A) Obviously (B) As it appears (C) Clearly (D) Unclearly

171. He would to try to awaken their dormant faculties. The underline words means:
(A) Inactive (B) Active (C) Weak (D) Alive

172. In an unwise manner means:
(A) Sentence (B) Phrase (C) Simple sentence (D) Adverb

173. There are those, of course, who would adopt the epicurean motto
(A) Cherry (B) Eat drink and be merry (C) Lorry (D) Tartary

174. I should behold with awe the magnificent panorama life:
(A) Jew (B) A view of wide area of land (C) New (D) Hew

175. The first day I devoted to my friends, animate and inanimate.
(A) Holy (B) Trolly (C) Jolly (D) Not alive the way peoples




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